Have you ever had a trip that went perfectly until something unexpected happened? That’s exactly what happened to us on our Slovenian adventure. We had a great time exploring interesting places and indulging in amazing food, looking forward to spending a few relaxing days on the beach in Portoroz.

But fate had other plans. As luck would have it, we met an English couple in Ljubljana who gave us a heads up that our planned beach weekend coincided with a massive gathering of Harley Davidson fans in Portoroz. The thought of thousands of loud motorcycles roaring by our beach was enough to make us cancel our stay and search for an alternative destination.

We settled on Eraclea Mare in Italy, which turned out to be a charming coastal town only an hour away from Venice. Despite the weather being less than ideal, with frequent rain showers, we decided to make the most of our time and explore Venice. This was our first time visiting together, so we were excited to take in all the sights and sounds.

Over the course of the day, we walked nearly 20 kilometres around the city, crossing countless bridges, winding through narrow paths, and admiring the thousands of gondolas that floated lazily along the canals. We even indulged in delicious local cuisine.

Despite the temptation to buy every beautiful souvenir we came across, I managed to resist the urge, knowing that we couldn’t carry everything with us on our travels. But the beauty of Venice made it all worth it. We only had one day to explore the city, but we both agreed that we would love to return someday and spend more time exploring the surrounding islands, taking a water bus ride, and delving deeper into the history of this once-great European city.


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