I think I forgot I have a new bike! I had to use it somehow. The weather was great so decided to go for adventure! My French prof, who is also a bike lover, told me about an exciting place so I couldn’t resist. I left at the midday as I thouth everybody will have lunch so traffic won’t be bad. My aim was a little village Brill, where a huge mill is located. Before I reached Brill I visited the Boarstall Tower from XIV century with nice garden. I wasn’t so sure if the gardens were open for public so took only quick look and left. And then was an uphill that nearly killed me! 100 metres up on 5 k distance! That’s crazy! The views were distracting so I didn’t manage to cycle right to the top but I was pretending to taking some photos 😀

The mill was build in XVII century and looks really majestically on the top oh the hill. The views were also quite nice. I took a short brake and decided to leave. Better for me was to turn around and go back the same way but naaaah I need to be different. There was a diabolical downhill! 100 metres down on 3 k distance! It was insane! I had tears in my eyes and some flies in my mouth! I’m still very beginner and 40k/h is quite fast for me!
Thanks God, after that there was almost flat route home…

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